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I need some help in regards to setting up Sonarr so it downloads the latest episodes of a TV show I’m watching, but in a certain format. Basically, I want to be able to download x265 versions of a show. Normally the releases are from ELiTE, or MeGusta. Is there a way to tell Sonarr to only download these files, rather than a full 1080 x264 file?

Also, if that IS possible, is it then possible to set up Sonarr to grab a regular x264 (720) episode, if either ELiTE or MeGusta miss a particular episode?

I have tried to set up release profiles in the past, but could never crack it, it just kept DL’ing regular x264 files.

Any help is appreciated.

Settings > Custom Formats > use (x|h)\.?265 as the preferred words in release titles, then give that a high score for your quality profiles.

I’m probably being a donkey here, but I can’t even find the Settings > Custom Formats path.

Also, forgot to ask, do I need to setup NZBGet as a Download Client too?


Are you on v3? If so, either:

  • Settings > Profiles > Release Profiles > Preferred
  • update to the v4 Beta - Sonarr v4 - Beta

I’ve updated to the v4 Beta, and created what I think will be a profile to get the x265 files that I want, but now I’m getting configuration errors.

It’s saying this:

But, I’ve chosen a different download location:

and I still get that error message, sometimes, along with this one:

I’ve read through the wiki, but nothing has helped with these two errors.

EDIT: Those issues are now sorted, so, I’m gonna do some trial and error and see if it picks up these episodes in x265

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