V4 UI beta changes

Just curious with the release of v4 beta is the ui the same or has it changed.

Just curious


Dark mode, Custom Formats, and probably a lot of minor changes.

So how does this affect those that had Sonarr updated from 3.0.9 to 4.0?

My update was fine, no issues, though following the advice I did make a backup of the DB before.

same here, update was smooth. No issues. Running on v4 beta with currently no issues.

It means that you cannot seamlessly rollback from v4 to v3 if you change your mind or want out of the beta. You either need to have taken a v3 DB backup that you can restore, or you would have to start fresh.

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Oh ok I can live with that. As for version 4 I’m seeing no issues so far. Have to say nice job folks.

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