Sonarr stops responding per days

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: ADM 4 (Asustor)
Debug logs:
Description of issue:

Good Morning. I use Sonar on an Asustor NAS, model AS1002T, via Docker-CE. From time to time Sonarr stops responding for days. I have to stop the container and restart it. Any tips on what might be happening and how to resolve it?

Looks like local networking issues given sonarr cannot access or talk to anything

Installed via Docker I also have Deluge and Jackett and they keep working normally. How to know if it is something related to the network? And how to solve if it is?

Sonarr running under mono is unable to write to the log files during a crash, but does write to the console, capturing the console logs (at a trace level) will be your best way to discover whether Sonarr is crashing and what might be causing it.

Docker’s logs typically captures the console logs to their own format (DB, JSON or other), to enable trace logging to the console you’ll want to set ConsoleLogLevel in the config file to Trace (similar to how LogLevel is set there).

Sonarr’s trace log files may give insight into whether Sonarr is crashing, though not likely the cause of the crashing, which would be useful as a start to see whether Sonarr is crashing or there is another issue with your setup.

Good Morning. I don’t know if it’s correct but I got all the logs I found with the time before Sonarr was inaccessible. I don’t know how to capture the console logo. I even created a routine in Crontab to restart Sonarr every 6 hours as a stopgap but it still isn’t helping much.

ps: ps: I updated Sonarr but the current version keeps giving the same problem. The problem came out of nowhere.


You’d need to do something like this:

The logs you uploaded do not include the latest trace log and please use one of the recommended sites to upload logs that capture the crash and before restarting Sonarr.