Sonarr notr downloading new series


After I have installed sonnar and setup there was some series but now new series are not downloaded.
When I checked it is “episode missing from disk”.
And there is nothing on disk. I tested on xfiles and serie 5 missing
here is debug


Please read the FAQ, there are entries specific to this.


Thank you i have checked FAQ.
And didn’t find any soultions.
I have many indexers and also sonarr finds new serie but it doesn’t download it.
I have pressed icon and sonarr start downloading it but than I get exclamation and
episode missing from disk


The first two cover your issue.

When a series is added, unless you tell Sonarr to search fro missing episodes it just watches for items on the RSS feeds, if nothing is posted/reposted, nothing will be grabbed.

If you want to get all episodes for a series immediately you’ll need to tell Sonarr to search for it.


Ok tell me how to do it, maybe I am doing something wrong.


Can someone help me with this problem, please?


to backfill missing episodes

a) go to the Wanted page, select the missing episodes, click on the Search Selected button

b) open the Series, click on the episode title, change to search tab, click on Automatic - repeat for each missing episode

if sonarr downloads something and then it sits waiting for manual import and has a red exclamation mark and episode/file missing reason then its usually because the torrent/nzb was fake and there just an exe file or some other crap in there - in which case just delete the job and blacklist the download. sonarr will then go search for it again.

you can always check what files are in your download clients completed folder if you want to know why sonarr cant import it


When I do that I get cloud with arrow and says downloading, after finished, nothing is downloaded and file missing from disk triangle with exclamation.
It looks like sonarr doesn’t download anything.


In logs I have these errors
Downloading torrent failed: Downloading torrent failed

NzbDrone.Core.Exceptions.ReleaseUnavailableException: Downloading torrent failed —> NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpException: HTTP request failed: [404:NotFound] [GET] at [


Jackett is returning an error and the torrent can’t be downloaded.


one of indexers is not availible but others are.


It was available to return results, since a download from it was attempted…

Which torrent client are you using?
Is the torrent sent to you download client?
Does your torrent client remove completed downloads?

Sonarr doesn’t download the files itself, it sends the torrent to the client, waits for it to download (and shows the progress in Activity: Queue) then imports it when the client reports it’s done (as long as it’s not immediately removed from the client on completion).


When I see indexers error I go to each one and tested it and all returnet result OK.
I am using transmission and now nzbget.
I thought it was something wrong with transmission.
I didn’t set transmission to remove completed.

I tested just now and it was strange thing, I add new serie and it starts to download S04, S05, S06.
And I see it download in nzbget and it was finished and all and in sonar I see those finished.
I tried to download S01, S02, S03, automatically od manually it doesn’t work.
And also I checked and those S04-S06 which were downloaded are now gone, nothing on disk and also in sonar.


Check where nzbget/transmission put them. Sonarr doesn’t delete things without importing.


this is transmission folder
and this is nzbget folder

in fact both folders are in the same place because download is link to CACHEDEV1_DATA/Download


NZBget points to transmission’s download folder?

Does Sonarr have access to those paths?
We’re going to need to see trace logs after a download completes to see what Sonarr is seeing (enable trace logging, clear log files, then restart Sonarr and it’ll give the most details that we can use here).

This sounds like an import issue more than anything else.


yes nzbget and transmission have the same download folder.
sonarr should have access tto those path.

here is debug log
and here trace log


Your trace logs shows a successful import of Colony.S02E02.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-KiNGS to /share/Download/transmission/completed/serije/Colony/Season 2/Colony - S02E02 - Somewhere Out There WEBDL-1080p.mkv because that’s the series path you set when the series was added.

You should separate unsorted downloads from your download clients (/share/Download/transmission/completed/) from sorted files to make the separate clear.


yes I see thos two files was downloaded and I can see it on disk but all others was also downloaded and than missing.
I have changed nzbget download folder


If you don’t have logs for those, not much we can do. In the logs you provided everything looks correct.