Sonarr & Network drive after Catalina update

Sonarr version:
OS: OSX 10.15.1 of Catalina
Debug logs: N/A
Description of issue:

Hi hive mind, my old 2013 MBP auto updated to Catalina. Within Sonarr, I can see on-disk folders but i am unable to see anything on my mounted drives. Yes the drives are mounted, the files and folders are visible in Finder. The problem lies in the visibility within Sonarr and Radarr. Any thoughts? Thanks.

This is likely due to the disk access changes in Catalina.

Hi Markus,

Is there any plan to “fix” this in Sonarr without using the workarounds that have been documented in that thread?

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  • Jon

The short answer is I don’t know what we can do here, but let’s not hijack this thread with that discussion.

Not sure I understand, but I’d like to. Is this being discussed somewhere else? (I don’t see a developer commenting on the other thread that you referenced here…)

  • Jon

Update: Just did a whole bunch of reading and now i am unable to open Sonarr after some suggestions. The permissions is not working properly in Catalina, there seems to be some gaps. It works with SABnzbd with the “Network” volume.

The forums say to use the windows EXE in Catalina as a work around. Good luck. i am going to have to find a different avenue.

I’m just running Sonarr from terminal, and its all working fine for me. It’s not ideal, but…

That sort of thing will typically happen on Github.

Looks like other apps have worked out a solution, but it’s not a quick fix given our development environment.

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