Problem after upgrading to the new Apple MacOS Beta - Catalina


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: MacOS 10.15
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Permissions issue?

Hi All,

So I installed the new Beta of Catalina yesterday - yes, I know it’s Beta and I’m taking a risk.

Sonarr can no longer see my TV folders. I can browse to /Volumes/Plex/TV, but Sonarr doesn’t see the folders beneath that folder! I’ve checked, and the attributes seem to be ok! Going crazy trying to fix it.

Oh, I should mention that I’m using a NAS - a Synology - for my media.

Can anyone please help?

  • Thanx!
  • Jon


This is an issue I was worried about, why I didn’t update my main iMac just yet. Might be best to put this in the v3 sub folder


Has it since improved with the newest beta?


Nope. Still a problem (for me, anyways)…

  • Jon


having the same issues here.

I’ve tried adding both the Package, and the unix executable into the Full Disk Access setting, but it’s not made any difference to the issue.

my NZB client is downloading the files okay, but Sonarr and Radarr aren’t able to read the folder containers, or write to organise the data


Sonarr appears to be recognizing my folders again.


was there anything you did to get it resolved? Still not working for me


Catalina is a beta OS, you cannot count on apps to work under something that is not done yet.


I think updating to Catalina beta 2 did the trick. Have you done that yet?


I’m on Beta 2 and am still seeing the issue.