Sonarr does not accept Season Pack as Completed (Transmission does)

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE-p6
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Sonarr does not accept downloaded season pack (all) and single series (some) as completed. Log has examples of completed and imported single series case.
No visible difference detected in permissions and in transmission status for single series.

According to the logs Sonarr sees that they are completed in Transmission, but it hasn’t imported them.

Your logs don’t show why Sonarr hasn’t imported them (or any attempt to import them) nor files with permissions for the season pack.

Ok, that’s what I have in trace log

{"downloadDir":"/media/directTVShows/Mandalorian/The Mandalorian 1 - LostFilm.TV [1080p]","downloadedEver":2263442917,"errorString":"","eta":-1,"hashString":"e6fa2860b823f2eb72cb958b86e354ada9db2338","id":695,"isFinished":false,"leftUntilDone":0,"name":"The.Mandalorian.S01E01.1080p.rus.LostFilm.TV.mkv","secondsDownloading":125,"secondsSeeding":9272154,"seedIdleLimit":30,"seedIdleMode":0,"seedRatioLimit":5,"seedRatioMode":0,"status":6,"totalSize":2209957501,"uploadedEver":8393751849}

and for season pack


If I can show more info please let me know

The season pack shows: isFinished":false which tells Sonarr it’s not ready to import.

Transmission does not show something: the download is completed, verification goes ok, the files are recognized by Sonarr and playing just fine. Is there any way how to check the exact error, why it’s not recognized as finished?

Yes, and one more thing - if I download incomplete season pack (even with one first episode) Sonarr shows all files in season with “downloading, 100% complete” status

Ii the snippet you posted, transmission is telling Sonarr it is not finished: "isFinished":false instead of "isFinished":true, I don’t know why transmission would report that if it’s actually complete, unless that’s an old status. Impossible to tell with the small snippets.

How are they recognized by Sonarr if they wouldn’t be imported because the download isn’t finished according to Transmission?

In the the debug log transmission reports ClientState it as completed (in the first message):

20-3-18 14:41:50.5|Debug|TrackedDownloadService|Tracking 'trs:Almost.Human.S01.720p.WEB-DL.3xRus.Eng': ClientState=Completed (readonly) SonarrStage=Downloading Episode='Almost Human - Season 01 WEBDL-720p v1' OutputPath=/media/directTVShows/Almost.Human.S01.720p.WEB-DL.3xRus.Eng.

So in this case I’m completely lost about the process when it comes to not completed.

UPD: installed Sonarr v2 in another jail, no issues with completed seasons (sonarr v2 is recognizing them as completed), but incompleted seasons have issue for absent episodes.

That’ll mean Sonarr can process it, but again, that’s a small slice of the picture.

Ok, can you advise how to find the difference with these two? Debug data from transmission-remote:
As I showed before, Sonarr does not recognize E01 as completed, while E02 does

I’ve found almost the same problem almost 4 years ago with, but it was solved with magic (and still is for v2) Tranmission - not recognizing finished

I don’t see any difference in those outputs, but this is still a very incomplete picture, please upload the full trace logs and debug logs and link them here.

Also on Activity: Queue hover over the icon on the left (for one that’s not importing), what does it say?

It says “Download wasn’t grabbed by Sonarr and not in a category, Skipping.” Actually I have a few hundreds of skipped shows.

Trace:, 0, 1

There’s the answer then. Sonarr either didn’t grab it (or lost track that it did, it’ll happen if the episode is removed from Sonarr then re-added later).

Using a category with your download client will allow Sonarr to try and import anything in that category, otherwise it will reject them so it doesn’t process things it has no need to (movies, app, w/e else).

But actually, Sonarr is not skipping it, and showing seeding status as “downloading”, right? Because I imported it manually by directory - starting from this first episode, I believe.

But it is skipping it.

Manually how?

Via Series -> Import. The root folder is the same as Download folder in transmission setup in Settings -> Download client.

In v2 I used to download few releases, check them, select the best and import it in Sonarr with proper tag. Then Sonarr took control over downloading process.

I can’t recommend against that strongly enough. At this point you’ve got downloads that are actually series folders and this could lead to plenty of issues. Not sure it’s the issue here, but it’s not worth investigating until that’s cleaned up.

Separate the downloads from the sorted series folders and let Sonarr manage it.

If I got you right, it’s quite easy part of test. I’ve mounted separate folder for Sonarr with the same content and changed root folder via mass editor.
So technically now I have 2 separate folders:
/media/directTVShows for download in transmission
/media/sonarrTVShows and for root folder in Sonarr
with the same content.
After Sonarr restart it gave zero effect on the issue, the series are linked as before with the same “Downloading 100%” status. Are there any other actions I have to do for db clean/renew/rescan?


So it’s basically still one directory and two apps in control of it? :smirk:

It’s one and the same dataset in the pool, yes. But it’s mounted in Sonarr’s jail with another name, so information about transmission path it takes from download client setings only. For Sonarr it’s two different locations.

Ok, so logic for v3 can be described as:

  • if the episode or season pack is added by Sonarr - it ignores "isFinished":false and imports it just fine (quality is shown in Status field)
  • if the episode or season pack is not added by Sonarr - it “skips” it in queue and show In Progress state (which is strange, if it is skipped) “Downloading 100%”. This is valid for all 619 skipped series.