Sonarr does not accept Season Pack as Completed (Transmission does)

Sonarr won’t import it automatically, looking ta things again, isFinished is one way Sonarr determines the download is complete, but it also uses the status.

A couple key differences in v3:

  • Partially imported downloads aren’t treated as fully imported (so one file imported doesn’t show them all as imported and remove them from the queue in Sonarr)
  • The status shows downloading over the current quality if it’s still in queue

You have a few options to clean up the queue:

  1. Put them in a category used by Sonarr (for Transmission that’s a subfolder named to match the category set in Sonarr) then let Sonarr import what it can
  2. Remove them from the queue in Sonarr, but not transmission (when you click remove in Sonarr you have the option to not remove it from Transmission)
  3. Put them in a completely different subfolder in transmission, this will cause Sonarr to ignore it (assuming a category is set in Sonarr’s transmission settings)

Thank you @markus101, now it’s absolutely clear. Using category in v3 is a kind of a must. Applied Option 1 and some directory management, all issues disappeared.