Sonarr Connect, Chrome extension

Hi All,

Me and [killer8] have been working on a Chrome extention for sonarr.
Our extension gives you the ability to overview the activity of sonarr in the Chrome browser.

As our inital release we have build in the following features:

Show upcomming and missing shows in a calendar tab,
Get a list of all your series with the option to filter trough them by series title,
Get a list of sonarr episode history,
Show information including all listed episodes,

Set monitored status of an episode.

Setup the extention

  1. Install via chrome storage
  2. Open the config page(right click on sonarr icon).
    — its best to copy and past your URL and APIkey
  3. Open the extension.

Any request or bugs can be send in via post in this forum.

you can download the Extension via the chrome store:

Known issues

  • Images do not load when using a username and password for sonarr.
  • Wanted icon is unclear

Version log:
Version 1.4.0: 02-02-2015
Season 0 is called Specials now
Options page will open automatically when extension is not configured
Check if image url is set (fix for series tab)

Version 1.3: 03-02-2015
Updated badge behavior
Fixed image load on protected environment
Changed the way data is handled, should work better more stable with large amounts of data.
Fixed refresh button

Version 1.2: 01-02-2015
Changed name to Sonarr Connect
Added extra checks to url in config page

Version: 1.1.2: 31-01-2015
Initial release


I’ll check it out, thanks.

Please change the name to avoid any confusion with the actual Sonarr software.


We can think of another name but I think it should be clear it’s an extension for sonarr. We can mention it’s 3rd party or something. Would that be Oké for you @markus101 ?

Beside that it needs the actual sonarr api to get the data from. So it’s clear it’s not the software itself i think.

I think he meant something like Sonarr Connect, etc…

The problem is there will be people that aren’t aware its just an extension, then end up here and wonder why things don’t work the way they expect it to.

You’re welcome to use Sonarr in the name, but it needs something else in the title to make it more clear that they are not the same thing.

Tried it out but the moment library seems to be missing, so the extension refuses to work. Connecting to Sonarr seems to work fine though.

Same here.

Connects OK, but when you click on the icon, nothing happens.

Seems like an configuration issue.
Could you check if tour URL starts with http(s):// and ende with a /

It did yes - removing them allows the extension to work.

The version of Sonarr and the branch in use is no longer returned.

Also, the Series and History tabs don’t seem to work, although Calender tab is OK.

Also, if you click on the Sonarr link at the bottom, it tries to goto the chrome website with my Sonarr Ip address on the end:


We are publishing an update at this moment.
This update checks if the url you give in is correct in a new way.
Als we renamed the extension to Sonarr Connect

@CBers, The first time you open the Series and History tab it takes a bit of time to get all the required data. Could you try to update to version 1.2 and check your configuration? Please let us know if you have any other problems.

Will do.

Thanks tomreinartz.

Perhaps you could have a “updating” message when loading the initial info.

this extension is great. one thing i would change is the bookmars for wanted. make it same as sonarr (filled is monitored) otherwise is confusing. since it curently is the opersite of sonarr.

All seems to be working.


Thank you for the feedback, we will have a look and improve where needed.

All feedback is appreciated and we will be glad to support you with bugs/problems in the Extension.

@markus101 what do you think about the new name, I guess this one is fine for you since it’s quite clear it’s an extension for your software now right?

I agree with this.

Yes, very clear now, thanks!

This is a great chrome extension! Thanks so much for building one. This is one thing I missed from Sickbeard.

That being said, I found one issue which I’m not sure if it’s a setting or limitation. I have over 200 shows in my Sonarr installation, however, when I click on the Series Tab I only get the first 15 shows listed in my install. Is this how it was setup? Thanks again for your help!

Hi JSKershaw,

We have not build in to limit the series tab at 15 shows.
Could you provide us with a dump from the api?

in your browser please type in:
{url to sonarr}/api/series?page=1&sortKey=title&sortDir=desc&apikey= {your api key}

Save the contents of the page and send it to me via a private message?
Thanks in advance

the number of wanted episodes badge does not update, when pressing refresh of when a new episode gets downloaded. it only updates when the browser gets restarted