Slasher Season 4 named Slasher Flesh & Blood Season 1

I opened Deluge today expecting to find American Horror storiews S01E06, Titans S03E01 - S03E03, and Slasher S04E01 - S04e02 but Slasher was in it. I thought nio big deal either it was on the sceene yet or the episodes were outside my size range for Sonarr. I head to TorrentGalaxy only to find that the uploaders posted Slasher season 4 as Slasher Flesh & Blood Season 1. So this thread is for those who didn’t catch this mistake by the torrent scene and actually get the episodes.

Should ask is there a way to have Sonarr pick up and download the episodes under the wrong title? I ask cause it looks like the scene has not plans to remove and correct their screw ups. Thanks

see the Sonarr FAQ

Could of simply pointed me to the below.

Did you figure this out jigsaw as I have never made a submission and not sure if I did it correctly?

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Yea the form seems straight forward enough.