Simple question about download path mapping ("No files found are eligible for import")

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OS: Windows 10
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I just started using sonarr again after several months so everything is set up fine and was working when I last used it. I’ve got a bunch of indexers and qBittorent setup with Sonarr all fine BUT after something is downloaded, in activity next to the episode sonarr says " * No files found are eligible for import in F:\!Completed\[EPISODE NAME]" Now I don’t have qBittorent setup to create subfolders for single files, so it’s just looking for a folder that doesn’t exist, it should be looking in F:\!Completed. I remember setting up path mapping when I originally setup sonar but I’ve spent the last half-hour looking for the setting where I can change where it should look for downloaded episodes and I can’t find anything.

Does it get this directory straight from qBittorent and there’s nothing I can do to change it (in which case I’ll have to figure out how to get qBittorent to save single files in subfolders) or is there a setting in sonarr that I’ve managed to miss until now? I assume this has changed on sonarr’s end since I last used it because it had no trouble with looking in my !COMPLETED folder previously.

qbit 4.3?

If Sonarr and qbit are on the same machine you do not need remote path mapping.

I’ll check but yeah this sounds like the solution, thanks! I’ll let it run today while I’m away and see if it’s back to normal. Also no I’m not using remote path mapping, it’s just ‘path mapping’ was the best description I could come up with for what I remembered setting up. Local path mapping probably would have been better but whatever

Alright so I rolled back to ver. 4.2.5 and now sonarr either just doesn’t move the files (activity shows them downloading, then they disappear and are marked as not found on disk again) or complains that it “Has the same filesize as existing file” after download has completed. I know this isn’t a qBT support forum and it seems like it’s definitely their problem but surely I can’t be the only sonarr user who’s had to figure this out. Any ideas? Try to rollback further or is there a better download client I can use that actually works with sonarr on the latest release? (I really like qBT but I’m more than happy to find an alternative for this if it works)

That means Sonarr already imported that file (or it was manually moved to the library). You can force the import from Activity: Queue via manual import.

Sonarr will only remove things if it imported them already, which will happen if it was imported previously and redownloaded (in v2 at least).

There is no need, but anything with the wrong path from 4.3 won’t automatically be imported by Sonarr because the path is still wrong, but I think you can fix that on the qbit side.

Since you’ve downgraded qbit, for anything not importing you need to make sure that the paths (file/folder names) match the torrent name in qbit and possibly manually import (from Activity: Queue) if things aren’t importing due to the existing file being the same size.

It’s also advisable to upgrade to Sonarr v3, a number of these issues are solved/have better behaviours.

I upgraded to ver. 3 (which is really nice) and deleted and re-got the series and everything’s working fine now, Thanks!