Seasons name/title for the renaming feature

Add a “season name” option on the rename process to create descriptive season folders ex: “Season 2 - An Amazing Journey”

One thing I do a lot, is to append the season name/title to the season folders (animes usual have these), but I’ve to do this manually.
Although I would prefer to do this automatically, my main issue is that if I have the season name on the folder but I use the rename feature through the UI, it will rename also the folder removing the season title.

For instance, Hunter X Hunter 2011 as “Hunter Exam” as the 1st season name

I can’t find this information in the TheTVDB API, so it might not even be possible to add this.

If not, is it possible to disable season folder renaming? (should I open a different ticket for this request?)


Right, not currently possible.

This isn’t something we plan to support. Either they aren’t in season folders or they are and if you opt to rename Sonarr will rename them as well.

Adding all that information to folders/files implies you watch them directly by browsing the folders and opening the files in the video player of your choice by double-clicking them. If yes, have you considered plex/kodi/…?

first of all thanks for the quick replies!

This isn’t something we plan to support.

I can understand, thanks anyway.

If yes, have you considered plex/kodi/…?

I do use Plex, which normally I don’t really look at the files.
I’ve changed all my media center and downloadres to docker containers, and messed up the paths from nbz download folder and the sonarr one, so the files weren’t being moved, because of that I went to manually manage those

To be honest I only discover this rename feature in the UI now :man_facepalming:
Every time I had to manually copy/move seasons to the right place, I did a manual renaming (I do have some tricks to make it quicker) but it still takes wayyyyy more time than the UI rename feature :sweat_smile:
Because of that decided to fix some older series that weren’t properly formatted, and that’s when I noticed the seasons losing any extra thing.

Thanks for the help though

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