Season Naming depending on Language?


im using Sonarr for over a Year now. At the beggining i only used it to get the latest US content but now i use it to mantain all my TV-Shows.
Im always Naming my Season Names: Season if the Content just has English Audio and Staffel (German for Season) if it has German+Englisch - so that i can just search my TV-Show Folder for Season to Upgrade the English Content to Englisch - German - like 2-3 Times a Year.
When im adding a new TV-Show and i know theyre already DL Releases im using Wanted > Manual Import to Bulk import them.

Is there any possibility to add something like an extra flag in the Manual Import - Interacntive to automaticlly set the Season-Foldername? Or to translate Season depending on the Language?

TL;DR i would like for my Season-Folder-Name of Englisch content to be English and for German (&German+Englisch=>DL) to be German

Ty in advanced

Edit:// i know that you can change the Season Folder Format and that is what im currently doing before i bulk import stuff
Maybe there Could be an option inside the Organize-Function where you can just change Season-Folder-Names for certain Seasons? This might also help Seasons name/title for the renaming feature (wouldnt be automatic - but still)

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