Season Premiere or Finale in Downloaded Filename

First, great job in implementing the last feature request about Finales in V3:

This post’s feature request is to include the Calendar’s Ended and Finale flags within Settings -> Media Management file naming schemes. At the moment that info isn’t passed from Sonarr’s Calendar to Media Management’s file naming. Since Premiere is already indicated by file naming E01, that piece wouldn’t be necessary.

Depending on the TVDB data, Sonarr’s Calendar has gotten quite accurate in flagging Finales. I know TVDB sometimes adds more shows to the end of the supposed Finale in Sonarr, which messes with the accuracy of that flag. That’s understandable, and was also noted in the previous Feature Request ticket.

Adding this “series timing” file naming category enables users to see that info without needing to double-check the Calendar or Series. As-is, many users wouldn’t think to check that an episode was a Finale until they see the episode. Knowing that an episode is a finale, from the start, helps set that show’s groundwork.

Thanks for your ongoing software development

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