RSS Single episode vs Season pack differentiation

I think it’d be great If I could set an indexer to single episode RSS only, like take BTN for example, I really want to use RSS for BTN, as its a great site, but any time I turn on RSS, I am bombarded when someone (graciously) uploads a 100gb season pack that I didn’t particularly want in my torrent client, so ultimately I have to turn RSS off for BTN.

I am however interested in that season pack, but id rather it join say the NZB queue where I have much better-automated control over my limited disk space, I know an NZB will sit there until it is safe for it to arrive, pause when it needs too, resume when it can etc, however, torrents aren’t as robust in their automation.

You could argue If I don’t want that remux season pack, why am I monitoring the show, (given that these kinds of uploads, only come out a long time after a show has finished and closed) but its because I do want those files, just not in a torrent.

Maybe it wouldn’t be per indexer, but rather a torrent vs nzb toggle, allowing torrents to only fetch single episode, whereas nzb has everything allowed, I found this post where it was said it’d be a lot of work: Ability to set an indexer to season packs and single episodes only

Which I appreciate obviously, but just throwing it out there again, curious if this is just me or if other people feel this way.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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