Rainmeter - sonarr plugin - Next Episodes (w/ series banners)

I cloned a previously developed plugin - started by user dcrutgers, I heavily modified it and almost re-wrote it from scratch.

It is still a work in progress, many things will be added (working on loading the banners)… but it is fully functional and can be placed on the desktop (recommended settings: transparency = 50%)

it will look exactly like this, fetching your latest monitored shows and listing them on the desktop for convenience.

** Please note **, this is my first attempt coding anything for rainmeter, so there is probably an easier way to do what I did, but what the heck, it works, and CPU usage is minimum.

here is how my second monitor looks like:

DOWNLOAD automatic installer from >>>> HERE <<<<

NOTE: Edit the file section that says:

;############ EDIT YOUR SONARR SERVER DETAILS HERE ###############

I will create a GIT repo and manage the source code in there… so ppl can find the latest one easier.

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First modification Launched…

Now with series banners.

Code for this updated version will be posted soon…

Hi daniel,

Will you be posting the code for your modified version of the rainmeter plugin? I like it!

here you go :smile:

both are in the single install package.


Enable ONE, or the OTHER, do not enable both at the same time, as it might crash Rainmeter because they share variable names…

I’ll update that on the next version

Thanks so much! Is there any way to change the date format around? For us aussies :stuck_out_tongue:

unfortunately, that is not easy, since the values on the Sonarr API are on US format - I would need to mess with the string values to invert them. Not easy, not quick…

Use AirDateUtc, they’re ISO-8601 formatted and should easily be parseable by almost anything.

what skin are u using?

FYI: Won’t install on 3.2.1 stable. Says I need the 3.3 Beta.

Update: I installed 3.3. You are missing closing double quotes on lines 85, 103, 121

Yes, you need to use Rainmeter 3.3 Beta. 9download from their page)

then run the package installer for this plugin

My other skin is Bluevison 2.0

thanks. would like to use this, but everything is way too small for me. I may dig into it and customize it to my liking, but not too sure. Also, you should grab RainRepeater from here http://customize.org/rainmeter/skins/84802 so you don’t have to repeat every meter.

Here’s one I edited a bit to blow up the font and put some spacing back in. It doesn’t seem to be the same version that is posted in the pic above, so it’s not as tidy looking. But it’s alot more readable at a glance for me.

Thanks a ton, danielP, for creating this. :smiley:

I updated the doc again, to shrink the Episode Name font and move it back to the left. I ran into the issue of long names running over my S#/E# portion as I’m sure others would have as well.

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awesome, keep it up :slight_smile:

Just popped upon this great addon today to find out it wasn’t working as expected as soon as I installed it.

After taking a quick glance @ the .ini looks like you just need to update the year in the URL from 2015 to 2016 to get it working for this year!

That means changing this:

URL="#HOST_PORT#/api/calendar?end=## 2015-12-10T22%3A00%3A00.000Z&apikey=#APIKEY#"



ENJOY :grinning:

This is my new favorite Rainmeter plugin.

One question- I can’t find the variable for last episode of a season.

I’d like to see a column for episode range, like S03E01 - S10E10.

Then, I can know when I’m watching a series finale and pay extra special attention. With the above example, even a column with ep10 would work just fine to indicate the series finale - even just S03E10 or 10.

If there’s a capability, putting an asterisk next to Episode, if a finale, would work wonderful. So many series with so many different episodes cast, sometimes makes it confusing if the episode projection is a series finale. TIA

I no its been a while since anyone has commented but 1) is this still working and 2) Would this work for Sickrage ?

Thank you for this post.

i did the same as you, took your code, updated it heavily.

here it is for anyone interested.

after installing it API key and URL

Notable changes:

Moved all values to variables that are easily editable at the top of the document.
Moved labels to variables that are editable.
Changed font to a more readable font but also made font a variable that’s easily changeable at the top of the document.
Shows will now show if it is downloaded in the name of the episode.
added a variable for choosing what year is the end date for pulling data.
added episode time value to table.
Clicking on banner or TV series title will bring you to the sonarr show page.

important value is scale= right now default is 2. change this to scale the whole thing.



Thanks for the update :slight_smile: grabbing it now! :smiley:

Hey guys, was looking through this and thought this would be super handy to have for Radarr too. Does anyone know if something like this exists/how easy it would be to create?

I have tried changing a few settings in the .ini to match it to the radarr server, changed colours, icon, names, however just not too sure what to change for it to pick up Banners/Release dates/in cinemas ETC.


Awesome changes !! yup, this is still live and functional… been using it ever since. :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

Any idea how i would be able to change the code on the Sonarr plugin to allow it to pick up the banners/release dates/in cinema dates for Radarr?