Rainmeter - sonarr plugin - Next Episodes (w/ series banners)

the issue is that Radarr does not show the calendar release date based on cinames - dates vary from region to region, etc… it is not like a tv series that airs on 9pm est on Tue. date will be different by country.

i can look at it, but i don’t know if it will work.

Very much appreciated!! i know its a massive change, just trying to get my head around how its exactly pulling it from Sonarr to try and apply it to how Radarr works.

Don’t spend too much time on it, just a query to see how easy it may be :slight_smile:

Could you somehow do a statistic for sonarr which shows which indexers are most used?

Like i have 4 indexer

indexer 1: 634 searches / 51 grabs
indexer 2: 129 searches / 2 grabs

… u get the point.

That would be great.

I really appreciate the skin, DanielP! I’ve been messing around with it the last couple of days and made some tweaks. Once I get a few more things done that I’d like to see, I’ll post it back up with my changes for anyone who’d like to use it.

I’ve heard of Rainmeter before, but never played with it, so this is a good excuse to learn it, too!

digging up quite an old post - but this looks like it will suit something I am trying to do with my server - I tried to run it up with the latest Rainmeter and nothing loads - log shows it can’t acces images referenced in the ini file, not sure if that is an issue. It is like it can’t connect or pass the connection variables? API code and IP address have both been updated.

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