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I am trying to set my quality definitions but they dont seem to be working. For example I have an episode of Silicon Valley that is not obeying my settings. There is a 6GB Blueray 1080p quality download that breaches my condition that a 30 minute episode should max at 3.5GB.
See below

Silicon Valley Settings (Episodes are 30 minutes)

My quality defintions, (Blueray-1080p is max’d at 3.5GB for 30 minute episodes)

The screen showing the 6GB file (not showing an blacklist icon due to size restriction when it should be)

The only way I can get the restriction to show is by lowering the 60 minute restriction. So maybe its using that one instead? But it clearly says that these are 30 minute episodes, and checking the file meta data it says 30 minutes too.

Am I missing something?


Season premieres and finals are allowed to be bigger, to account for longer runtimes or double episodes wrapped into a single long one kind of deals.
I can’t immediately find the exact specs.


I see, is this a setting you can modify? I have not seen anything in sonarr that mentions this at all.


Not configurable, I’m also not sure if it is mentioned somewhere on the wiki or in the app. Here’s one of the devs confirming it: Quality Setting not picked up properly?

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