Quality Setting not picked up properly?


Sonarr Version:
Mono Version: 4.2.3
Linux Mint 17.2

Quality Def Setting for Bluray-720p is …
270.00MB 540.00MB 534.00MB 1.04GB

Bluray-720 is wanted in the Profile assigned to the show, but …

When I manually search an episode for this show, I see a Bluray-720p release that’s excluded, with the following hover hint:
2.5 GB is larger than maximum allowed 2.1 GB (for 60min)

Actual file when manually grabbed is indeed 2.5 gb, and 59 minutes long.

So why is Sonarr saying the maximum allowed is 2.1 GB when my setting for Bluray-720 for 60 min is 1.04 GB? Is this a bug?


For season premieres and finales Sonarr allows double the size to accommodate double episodes that are not labeled as containing multiple episodes.

Quality Definitions Not Being Respected

Ah yes, checked and the other epis are as expected. Makes sense. Thanks.

Does Sonarr know the actual duration of videos grabbed, from NFO or elsewhere, or is it estimating based on some publicly published duration of the series or individual epis? Less commercials…?

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