Option to pick a language or lock show current info downloaded from thetvdb

we have multiple shows that are release in their spanish name, but the info sonarr downloads from thetvdb is in english.
so I been editing the sonarr database info, using “DB browser for SQLite” to change it to the spanish info that is found on thetvdb. the shows download and rename perfectly after. however, when sonarr does does the series refresh task, it changes all the info back to english. I been doing this manual task every week before air time and this works for me, but hoping you guys can implement a finesse solution.

example tv show:
Series ID: 294176 / Down There / Allí abajo

ps. love this amazing app.

You can request alternate scene names here Scene Naming (TVDB Naming Conflicts) (in the google form linked there, not the forum thread)

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