New install - there are problems

I am running with ubuntu 20.04 (linux)

Mono Version
AppData directory /var/snap/sonarr/common
Startup directory /snap/sonarr/324/Sonarr
Mode Console

debug log at: new debug log 1 -
I just set debug, did a couple of things. Probably nothing interesting but who knows?

I had a motherboard go bad on me so I am re-installing sonarr. I used snap to install. This may have been a serious mistake. Anyway, If it was I can start over. My problem is fairly easy and a mess. I did a restore from a backup zip file. That file had two items in it. config.xml and sonarr.db I replaced the ones that I had when I installed. I think they worked because I suddenly had indexers and download clients. Anyway, I could also got the sabnzbd api in and accepted but still having a fit with the root folder. My shows are at /mnt/3tb/TV. Sonarr has ignored it, told me that it couldn’t read it, told me that its not there, etc. Its ongoing and a pain you know where. I have set the sabnzbdplus complete address to /mnt/3tb/ and the category is tv and the name of the file is TV.

I clicked on UI and froze the system. I logged out, and back in, and that is fine now (no longer freezing) My problem is pretty simple. I can’t go any further without the root folder and it doesn’t want me to have one.

That’s it. Any help would really be appreciated.


Question about sabnzbdplus. I need to know if these are right (I can, if anybody wants paste and send the entire sabnzbd+ ini file. I am putting this here as I suspect this is part of my problem with the root folder, if I shouldn’t do this let me know.

Sabnzbd+ has directories - here are mine:
web_dir = Glitter
download_dir = ~/Video/incomplete
complete_dir = /mnt/3tb/ (my tv folder is at /mnt/3tb/TV, ie my root folder which sonarr rejects)
script_dir = “”
nzb_backup_dir = nzb
admin_dir = admin
backup_dir = backup
dirscan_dir = Video/nzb
dirscan_speed = 5
log_dir = logs
dirscan_dir = Video/nzb
dirscan_speed = 5
password_file = “”
log_dir = logs

Categories: dir = “”
Audio: dir = “”
Script: dir = “”
software: dir = “”
movies: dir = Movies
tv: dir = TV

Your download folder in sabnzbd can NOT be the same as your root folder in Sonarr.

Suggestion folder setup:

download_dir = /mnt/3tb/usenet
complete_dir = /mnt/3tb/usenet/complete

root folder = /mnt/3tb/media/TV

Thank you for the reply. I have questions.

I should explain. I am using ~/Video for a place to put complete and incomplete. I wanted the locations from sabnzbd to be different from everything else. I have no problem putting them in different places if necessary.

First, “Usnet”. Is that another title like /mnt pr 3tb/ etc?
Then there are these two. My problem here is where download_dir comes from. It was my impression that sabnzbd+ stopped with ‘complete’. I can, however, put “download” into Video my question is what is putting stuff into ‘download’

download_dir = ~/Video/download (?)
complete_dir = /Video/complete

root folder = /mnt/3tb/media/TV

I also have a problem with the TV folder. Sonarr can’t do anything with that file because sonarr doesn’t have authority. This is inspite of the fact that its owned by ‘sonarr’ (I am group)


I don’t know how you have set this all up, is this with native installations or with Docker?

Usnet was just a typo for Usenet. You are using “usenet”, cause you have sabnzbd.

You using ~ in front of your Video. Which refers to the root folder, or your home folder. You should stay out of both.

That is why I suggested to create a folder structure on your /mnt/3tb.

├── usenet
│   ├── incomplete
│   └── complete
│        ├── movies
│        └── tv
└── media
     ├── movies
     └── tv

You download to the /usenet/complete folder. Where the movies and tv are the categories.
Which means your download_dir = /mnt/3tb/usenet
incomplete_dir = /mnt/3tb/usenet/incomplete
complete_dir = /mnt/3tb/usenet/complete
And your categories are just tv and movies, which will make it end up in /mnt/3tb/usenet/complete/tv or /mnt/3tb/usenet/complete/movies

Then sonarr (or radarr) will move the downloads to /mnt/3tb/media/tv.