Use of sabnzbdplus category address

This is a pre-install question.

Does sonarr do anything with a category address?

Does sonarr depend on the root address or the root address and the category address?

or just Sonarr | Servarr Wiki in general.

Thank you for the reply…

I took a look at where you sent me but couldn’t find the answers. I am going to assume that the category address is not utilized by sonarr and sonarr depends on the root folder to determine where to put the completed items which were left by sabnzbdplus.

If, however, the sabnzbd+ category address is also the root folder then I can take care of that too. My assumption is that sonarr allows sabnzbd+ to do its thing and then it will deal with the result itself based on the root address.

I have now installed Sonarr. The address of my root folder is /mnt/3tb/TV The problem, of course, is that sonarr says that there is no such place or simply ignores that when I write it in media management. This is the only place sonarr has access to that address. It is also not in sabnzbd.ini

I have spent literal weeks trying to figure this out and this is my conclusion. Hopefully I am getting close to the truth.

All the errors are coming from incorrect folder setup in Sonarr and sabnzbd.

Read this reply:

Thank you for the reply…

complete is ~/video/complete
incomplete is ~/video/incomplete
/mnt/3tb/TV is where all the data is.

I can easily put the root folder anyplace with no problem. How about /media/TV (I might do that for the heck of it and see what happens - did it, was told it didn’t exist!). I simply do not understand why sonarr won’t allow /mnt/3tb/TV That address is only referenced by the root folder. I am still trying to figure out just what the category address is used for. I can make it anything I want by simply setting it in sabnzbd.ini (category tv). Right now, however, its set to ~/Video/complete because that is the address of the last sabnzbd+ download stuff. I have read myself blue trying to find someplace that says something like: category tv is addressed at x by y.

Right now ~/video/complete is serving as the end download for all complete downloads by sabnzbd+. I suspect I should change it so there is a /video/complete/TV and another for /Video/complete/Movies and same for /Video/incomplete Just not thinking about radarr yet.

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