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For manual import, enable keyboard entry instead of only allowing mouse entry, This was first suggested but was overlooked) (For the record, anyone needing a robust windows tool for batch renaming, if you are familiar with Microsoft Office’s search/replace then this tool SmartRename from GitHub is the ringer! Allows you to fix names of files that repeat the episode or season etc. Admins: FAQ add-on? if you are interested, I can write up instructions. I am in no way affiliated with the product)

I get pushback often because apparently I am one of few who has to deal manually with manual imports that fail but I digress…

Please change the manual import screen so that when the pop-up for the season & episode adds a data entry that takes focus, and typing a number plus enter completes the edit. Others can still use the mouse to select it manually, AND it is just setting a few more properties and validation. This would be a HUGE improvement.

To take it a step further, when a user selects a season, set that to a variable for that show and any subsequent files clicked on auto-populate this season number so that once one is entered, the next one they click on a season, the pop-up for the season is shown, the user just hits ENTER and the last season used is autoselected. This makes setting thirty shows for that season a series of click-enter. Again, a HUGE improvement when importing ten seasons of shows like I just did.

an alternate idea for the season is to support an Auto-Select box that auto-fills a previously entered season number to remaining empty seasons.

thank you and goodnight!

52 episodes plus some dupes, mis-matches, DBTV broken,

Season= 4 took 52 clicks, move, click, enter
episode and another 52 clicks plus 62 clicks to scroll to find, plus enters.

It just sucks. I have twenty left to find/download and probably import manually. I hate my life. How many seasons of this do I have to look forward to?

thanks for understanding why this is important!
{edit- added screen shots of the twenty minutes of clicking and a sore wrist)

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