Manual Import - Keyboard Entry

Two suggestions that i would think contribute nicely to user experience would be that wheen undertaking Manual File import. to allow the file scanning to recognize the windows multi file edit naming convention, such as S01E01 (1), S01E01 (2), and allow those to correctly enter into the Season and Episode.

Additionally allowing you to enter the episode number via the keyboard rather than having to mouse click on episode numbers, as it is painfully slow.

Hope these get considered.


Multiple files for one episode is not supported by sonarr…

They are actually different episodes. As in ep 1, ep2 in this example.
That is the naming format written by MS Windows when you mass (select all) rename a group of files.

thats a really horrible way to rename them. how bad were the original filenames that sonarr couldnt recognise them and you had to revert to this?

couldnt you at least remove the Exx part so its just S01 (x) ? that at least would have a slightly better chance of being recognised (although i dont think it will but its a lot more obvious to a human down the track)

there are also media file renaming tools out there that might be helpful

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