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Items are sent to NZBGET and download correctly into a \media\download\complete folder and Sonarr moves them into their correct folder according to show name and season. This works without any problem.

The problem is there are currently seven items on the ACTIVITY tab that have been downloaded and moved to the correct folders but the icon to the left says this:


  • No files found are eligible for import in F:\media\Downloads\complete\The.Good.Fight.S03E05.The.One.where.a.Nazi.Gets.Punched.720p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTb

This is happen for some but not all downloads. Is this because the files remaining on the activity tab were were obfuscated and NZBGET renamed the download to the correct name and Sonarr isn’t finding the file since it’s been renamed?

Thank you - I appreciate any advice offered.

If it moved it to a different folder, that’d be the problem, Sonarr gets the import location from NZBGet, if that’s not where the file actually is it’ll fail.

I might not understand what roles NZBGET and SONARR play and definitely don’t understand how they work together.

I assume it’s Sonarr that moves the file to the correct location and NZBGet only receives the download information (NZB), downloads the file and unrar’s it then passes it back to Sonarr.

If that is the case, the Sonarr is moving the file to the correct folder (moving it away from the download folder) to the correct season folder along with other episodes of the show but still lists the episode on the activity and wanted tabs.

I read another post about deleting (or hiding as NZBGET suggests) the downloads log information in nzbget, and once I hid the log information - the episodes in question disappeared from both the activity and wanted tabs as I expect them to.

So it’s probably just a configuration problem. Is it because some files are obfuscated and others are not?

Thank you.

How is Sonarr importing the files?
Are you using Drone Factory (if you are, don’t)?

If Sonarr is importing the file, but not knowing that the item from NZBGet was imported it’s not being told that the file belongs to that download, which either means some sort of script telling Sonarr to import doesn’t provide the ID or Sonarr is importing via another mechanism.

Debug logs of the import taking place would be helpful to determine what the issue is, but it’s better to not rename the downloads before Sonarr imports them, Sonarr can handle obfuscated files already, so best to disable that functionality for Sonarr’s category (less things making changes means there are less things to check when things fail).

I am not using Drone Factory.

I have disabled the options par rename and rar rename in nzbget.

I’m not sure how to duplicate the problem but there are episodes waiting to be downloaded tonight so I’ll know something in the morning.

Thank you for your assistance and I’ll hope for the best and let you know.

Here are the logs from download The Graham Norton show S25E02 that filed tonight.
It downloaded and was moved to the correct folder but the show still remains on the activity tab and wanted tab of Sonarr

I don’t see where the file was imported in the logs, it goes from tracking to being unable to import the download because it can’t find the folder. Checking Sonarr’s history for that episode should also not an import event. To me that indicates Sonarr is not importing the download.

Yes, Sonarr not importing the episode is what is leaving in on the activity tab and the wanted tab right? But isn’t is strange that it finds the episode and moves it to the correct folder away from the download folder and then complains that it can’t find it in the download folder it just moved it from?


Based on the logs Sonarr isn’t importing it, something else is, which is why it can’t find it.

Your last comment lead me in the correct direction. Sickrage was left running on the machine and even though I had configured it not to search for anything (removed it’s indexers) it was still monitoring the same download folder and when it saw something, it moved it apparently just before Sonarr had a chance to do it. So thank you.

It’s been a couple-of-days now since I disabled Sickrage and everything has worked exactly as expected.

Thank you for your help. I will be making a donation to Sonarr.

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