Issues After Updating to

Due to an bug that affected the updater, after the update was installed Sonarr was unable to start because Sonarr.exe was incorrectly in a subfolder. We’ve pulled that update, but it was live for ~3 hours so several users would have updated to that version automatically.

We’ve fixed the underlying issue and we’re working on preventing a similar issue from happening in the future. Thanks to everyone that reported the issue quickly.

To Resolve
You’ll need to install Sonarr on top of the existing installation, no need to remove first.

For docker, update the container again.
For other platforms follow the installation steps for your platform on

How do we roll back? Just redownload?

I think I got caught in this. Windows 10 and tried to reinstall version 3.03.970 with the installer but it cant install/load either. Is there a page where I can download even older versions to roll back to?

I have updated the original post with resolution steps.

Re-installed multiple times
played with the service a few times
still getting the same issue


I’ve got the same issue too…

I’d idiotically pulled v2 as the download before I’d seen this post and realised, that’s probably had an impact on it too…

This is what I did to fix my issue:

  1. First, backup the C:\ProgramData\Sonarr folder to somewhere (Temp), just in case.
  2. Uninstall Sonarr v3 and reboot (for good measure)
  3. Delete the folder that shouldn’t be there (according to the announcement) C:\ProgramData\Sonarr\bin\Sonarr
  4. Reinstall Sonarr v3
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This worked
Thank You

@markus101 - that just goes to show that it’d be nice to have an option to disable automatic updates.

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Normally I change the branch to something random to stop it from updating, but a switch to enable/disable updates would be awesome.

I had to use a slightly different approach for v3.

  1. Backup the Sonarr folder C:\ProgramData\Sonarr
  2. Use Nssm to uninstall the Sonarr service (couldn’t uninstall Sonarr).
  3. Deleted folders within C:\ProgramData\Sonarr\bin called Sonarr, Backup_
  4. Reinstalled Sonarr

So that’s what happened to my install. Got to figure out how to turn off those auto updates. -Bill

You’re on v3, which is the cutting edge beta, things break from time to time…

Still, I’d rather install updates at my own discretion. Also, updates are forced only on Windows. I can’t imagine a valid justification for that.

Hi are the download links dead?

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Damn wish I had read this before I tried to fix myself… I am trying to download v3 and getting 404 error has it been pulled again?

Yes I did the same… really screwed up my install… grrrr!

its back up

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