How to add "TV" library in "video" folder

The only thing I’m stumped by here is what you’re even trying to do, as it really isn’t clear from your explanation.

If you’re trying to select a root folder for Ahsoka, and you have followed the naming scheme from the guide you linked to, then just go to /data/media/tv.

If you’re instead trying to add a new root folder, then go to Sonarr > Series > Library Import > Choose another folder and use the same path as above.

Ok, I’ll try to explain more clearly. I have an existing TV library that when going through the directories, I don’t see anywhere. The original TV library was in it’s own volume simply called “TV”. After upgraded DSM I decided I’d like to have all my TV in the “VIDEO” folder (stock). This folder let’s my TVs in the house natively see and play them where they didn’t in the “TV” volume. I asked synology if i could simply make the TV volume work the same way as VIDEO. They said no, it’s a DLNA folder. I’m not even sure if it would allow me to do what I’m trying to do here, but figured there’s a way.

So now when I try to “see” the folder within Sonarr setup, I’m not able to as it doesn’t show up when I enter the dir, it’s just blank. I posted the dirs that I am able to see thinking maybe it’s buried within one I’m just now aware of. When browsing through folders, entering some results in an empty dir even though I know there are other subdirectories within it, so I figured it was a permission issue that I’m a little unfamiliar with to begin with, but hoped I could just add VIDEO/TV as a library and be done.

If it can’t be done, I’ll just try to set it up in any way that works and manually copy finished TV to the folder I want later I guess.

Hope this is a little clearer and thanks for the time trying to help.

You need to manually move all your “old library” data to the new location, in /data/media/tv (or movies).
Then they will appear in sonarr or radarr.

For reference, this is the better guide:

Have you mapped the Video directory for the Sonarr container?

Don’t think so, but it sounds exactly like what I need. I’m really trying to set it up where my media can stay in the “video” folder that my TV can see vs all the others where Synology says it can’t be done, and is where the new docker setup lives within different folders.

So yeah, I don’t if I could map “video/TV” to work within the new dirs setup from the guide, seems like it should work.

Just not sure how to do that exactly and hoping for a little guidance on how to do that so I don’t screw up my system or wait another year.

Here’s a question? If docker setup is portable, any reason wouldn’t couldn’t share a completed container with others or other machines at least?

Synology has its own Docker manager, rather than just using Portainer like everyone else, so I’ll be basing this off some online guides and screenshots.

Open the Synology Docker application, click the Container section, select Sonarr, stop Sonarr, edit Sonarr, go to the Volume section, click Add Folder, add the TV path and map it to /TV, make sure it isn’t marked as read-only. Apply and run the container.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed. Synology is a strange bird sometimes, for the benefit of others, after following the directions above, I also changed the user permissions to R/W for the folder I added.

Once you enter sonarr and add the new folder to the library, you will have to enter that folder for processing to begin adding series, otherwise it just sits there.

It’s importing now, once that’s done, hopefully I won’t have too many issues and it’ll work properly. I’ll post it.

Remember that adding a different “share” as another volume mount in docker, will result in slow copy/delete and no ability to hardlink.

Ideally you only want 2 volume mounts in your docker container, the /config and another where all the data is (your downloads and library, a share called /data as example).

Feel like it’s closer, but now getting the error below. It downloads fine and upacks when I look in the folder manually. It does scan and rename files with the folder when done manually. I see this error all over the place but no clear answers I can understand. I’ve check all the permissions I can think of as well.

/volume1/downloads/complete/Ancient Aliens S19E20 1080p WEB h264-EDITH/. Ensure the path exists and the user running Sonarr has the correct permissions to access this file/folder
2023-09-18 16:20:12.1|Error|DownloadedEpisodesImportService|Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /volume1/downloads/complete/Billions S07E06 The Man in the Olive Drab T-Shirt 1080p HMAX WEB-DL DDP5 1 x264-NTb/. Ensure the path exists and the user running Sonarr has the correct permissions to access this file/folder

Completed file

Root folder within Sonarr

Also noticed when I restart the NAS, I don’t get a GUI. Seems like if I manually start/restart the docker container, I’ll then get the GUI. Log files show activity. I can live with it, but maybe finding a way to delay the start would help. Just an FYI.

Is the Sonarr container able to access that path? Have you mapped it?

Sonarr has nothing to do with the Docker image, and definitely not anything to do with how Synology runs and handles containers.

Trying to figure that out and again, not my area of expertise, so it’s challenging just knowing what IS and ISN’T happening.

Sonarr (with sabnzbd) is able to download to the folder correctly, it moves from incomplete to completed, it just can’t move it to the volume “VIDEO/TV” which it is “mapped” tofrom what I can see. It also doesn’t create a new folder for any new series added. It’s exhausting just guessing what’s happening which is why I’m posting all these screen shots hoping their useful not just for me but for whoever else attempts this later.

I did notice I have to manually stop sonarr TWICE from within the DOCKER manager before the webpage GUI will work. Otherwise it runs, just doesn’t give a connection.

Again, I can manually add episodes to series folders and they’ll get seen and even rename within that the TV folder volume.

ALL the folders used are “mapped” and I’ve checked permissions 50x, I’m just out of ideas here.

Map the downloads folder as before. If you already have then provide a screenshot of your mapped volumes for Sonarr.

Sonarr isn’t downloading anything, your torrent client is, and it having access to that path doesn’t mean anything for Sonarr.

Do you mean from within Sonarr? Here’s what I have

Here’s what I have for those values…guide wasn’t super clear on this, so took a shot

Given that the error is referencing /volume1/downloads/..., I’m going to guess your /downloads mapping is wrong.

You don’t need a separate '/complete` mapping.

Appreciate the time and effort, but sonarr just isn’t working out. It won’t move files from the download directory. I did remove the entry assuming child folders are included. Too bad, used it happily for years and it was just too convenient. It will still download, I just have to MANUALLY IMPORT through sonarr or file explorer i guess.

If you just use the right folder mapping then it will work fine.

Seems correct by what I’ve posted doesn’t it?

Only thing I took another guess at that might be wrong is for the sabnzbd download client. for the ROOT PATH, mine looks like this:

It works through explorer but not sure if thats what it’s looking for
the LOCAL path where I can browse shows files in the folder so I know that works.

Again, given that the error shows /volume1/downloads/..., you mapping /downloads to /downloads obviously isn’t right.