Have cutoff for profile quality on lower quality when better already grabbed


Hi, i have a custom profile that is anything 720p and 1080p, and the cutoff is 720p. Occasionally a 1080p will get grabbed first… so how do i tell Sonarr not to grab the 720p if i already have the 1080p ?

It seems i can only have cutoff for situations when i have lesser quality and a better quality comes out that i can upgrade to. Not to ignore the opposite when i have better and the lower quality is available.

Am i missing something ?



Have you moved qualities around? If they are still in default order (e.g. 1080p qualities at the top, 720p below that, dvd and shitty qualities below those), it should work based on your description of the profile.

I feel this image/text is still relevant, even with v3 now: Asking for confirmation of sonarr logic

Second question, probably not applicable: after importing, the 1080p files are recognized as 1080p by sonarr, right?


ok thanks. That link/info graphic helped explain what i was doing wrong.


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