Failed to import - Synology / Nzbget

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Synology DSM 7.1.1
Description of issue: When downloading episodes via Nzbget, they are not moved to the right folder

I’m running both NZBGet and Sonarr as a package, not in Docker.

From a perfectly working set-up, already within DSM7, the importing of episodes has started to fail.
The files are downloaded (Sonarr sees the files being downloaded), but they are not imported to the Series/season folder and properly registered within Sonarr.

The error displayed is:

Downloaded - Waiting to Import
One or more episodes expected in this release were not imported or missing from the release
123456789aaaaa.mkv - Failed to import episode

In the log I can find:

[v4.0.5.1710] System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘/volume2/SABDownloadsTV/foldername/123456789aaaaa.mkv’ is denied.
—> System.IO.IOException: Permission denied

I can confirm that “sc-sonarr” has full rights for the folder /volume2/SABDownloadsTV/ in DSM.
But have noticed that the file inside the folder “foldername” in the above error does not have “sc-sonarr” with the right permissions. How can I make sure that all files dropped into this folder inherit the correct permissions?

What am I missing?!

I’ve tried/checked the following:

  1. Permission, both the (temp) Download folder and the TV folder has R/W rights for SC-Sonarr and SC-Nzbget.
  2. I’ve renamed the download folder, moved the paths, but had no success
  3. I’ve done a clean install of Sonarr and set up all the rights again.
  4. I’ve observed files appearing in the destionation folder (being copied), but then upon completion disppearing and reappearing in the original temp download folder.
  5. When I manually adjust the permission of the file, the files import fine. Meaning it appears to be a DSM issue where it does not apply the permissions to the files of the parent folder…

Sounds like this? [v4.0.5.1710] System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path

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The issue lies with Nzbget, the following steps resolved it:

NZBGet 24+ always fixes downloads permissions based on UMask setting. NZBGet 24.0 had a bug for UMask 0 - it didn’t work. Please check:

  • you have 24.1 or latest testing installed, update NZBGet if needed (Settings - SYSTEM - Check for Updates)
  • UMask (Settings - SECURITY - UMask) is set to 0
  • UnrarCmd unrar -ai is not needed