Externally initiate an RSS Scan

I read somewhere that it is possible to externally initiate a call to Sonarr to perform an RSS Scan.

Does anyone know the proper way to initiate a request to Sonarr to perform the RSS Scan?

Execute Sonarr with a command line switch?
Make an http:??? request to your favorite, friendly web browser?

I’m all up for method … I can take care of the execution at the time I require the scan.

Hey! Great thanks to anyone that can find me the answer …

You need to use the API, specifically the /api/command endpoint.

WoW. Team Sonarr! Thanks for your speedy answer markus101, I appreciate it.

I believe I remember something about an API, but not where I found it. I go on a search and see if I can find the referenced /api/command endpoint — maybe I can make sense of it and arrive at my goal.

Speaking of goals … Have you seen my post about delaying download of episodes until they’ve aired (plus X hours) over in the feature request area?

Anyway, I’m investigating the API now …


returns a display of the Sonar status — works great.“name:RssSync”?apikey=obfuscated

is a problem … I just can’t get the stuff between command/ and ?apikey correct … and I’ve tried a huge number of variations?

Stuck — I really tried, I really did. markus101 … lend a fella a hand and tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

You need to POST to command and the command name is part of the JSON post data:

  "name": "RssSync"

I did figure out from reading that a POST would be required to initiate the scan.

Here’s the rub. I’m unable to determine the syntax of the URL to get the Rss Sync to work. I mean, really? The information in the wiki borders on obtuse at best and, apparently, it assumes the reader knows command syntax like some little pictograms from Egypt … every picture meaning only one thing and you just magically know where to use each one. (Please don’t get on my case, Egyptians, nothing meant here.) Thi s is a case where one picture says a thousand words is not a good thing.

Anyway, can ya just give the the URL to actually cause the Rss Sync to occur. I’ve already lost the game and just need the winning ticket to the goal line. Thanks.

You already had the URL (you were just trying to send the JSON body jammed into the URL). is the URL, you can include the API key there, making it or in a header (X-API-Key).

You’re still going to need to send a JSON body with the command name, how you do that will depend on how you’re sending the request (you can’t just add it to the URL).

You can inspect the requests the Sonarr UI makes to the server in Chrome’s dev tools to see exactly how it’s making requests.

Well … that’s where I’m completely stuck. All I know how to do is issue the URL and have no idea how to supply the additional information via JSON.

Can you suggest the correct syntax and whatever software tools I need to use and how to use them to get this to work?

In simplest terms: External to Sonarr … What do I use and how do I tell Sonarr to perform an Rss Scan?

As always, thanks for whatever you can provide me, as I’m lost with this endeavor.

You can look at the request Sonarr’s UI makes to the server when you click the refresh button in the UI. Chrome’s dev tools are great for that.

There are lots of tools you can use, curl, PostMan, httpie to name a few, you can also do it in any programming/scripting language (C#, python, PowerShell and more). How you do it will vary tool to tool or language to language. You’ll need to research how to make a POST request with a JSON body/payload (similar to the example I posted above).

Well, I have played with CURL and had a very good time with it. Took me a while, but I achieved my goal, at the time. Of course it had nothing to do with Sonarr, but good experience.

I’ll go the CURL direction for now and see what I come up with … thanks for pointing me in that direction.

Stay tuned, and thanks again.

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