External RSS Sync

@ThePOO Were you able to figure out how to initiate an external RSS Sync from your post Externally initiate an RSS Scan?

I had to shelve that for a while … thanks for reminding me!

I figured it out:
curl -d '{name: "RssSync"}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' http://IPADDRESS/api/command?apikey=####


I can’t wait to try that out … thanks a lot!

NP! Im excited that I can shorten the RSS sync interval from an hour. Thats a long time when its a simple RSS pull. Especially when devs have said they will never open those intervals to change.

The default is 15 minutes and you can change it to as long as 10 minutes (the lowest allowed by some sites, most are 15).

Most command intervals are not adjustable, but some, like RSS sync are…

Mine was set to 60min by default and I had only seen responses saying intervals would not be opened to change when searching this. I just found the setting. Thanks for the info!