DVD Remux in Quality Profiles

Not sure why DVD Remux is missing in the Quality Profiles but it would be nice if it were included. As it is Sonarr will grab DVDrips even though a Remux might be present since they are both categorised as just DVD. I know I could add a Remux tag to force sonarr to download dvd remuxes if present but that just reduces the automation.

I would like this option too. The ability to differentiate between “real” DVDs and DVD Rips would be useful. I have raised this before a couple of times but no-one seemed interested which is a shame.

Since we have BluRay and BluRay Remux; for the same reason we should have DVD and DVD Remux as the concept is the same.

Yea it’s over my head why DVD remux was specifically left out. If a show is not on Blu-ray or HD web I’m going for the next best thing DVD-Remux.

I would be interested to know from the developers if this is something they would consider adding to Sonarr and; if not; the reasoning behind not treating DVD Remux the same way as BluRay Remux.

As a more general point though; when does a feature request here actually move forward to the next stage and what criteria is used for it doing so.

No, this is not something we plan to support.

Preferred words (in v3) will be the best way to upgrade from a DVD to DVD remux.

Thank you for replying.

That is a shame because although you can use preferred words to do the upgrade; once you’ve got the file you’ve got no way of knowing by looking at the filename or quality what it is.

For BluRay Remux you can see the quality in Sonarr and also the filename (if you rename the file appropriately) but DVD and DVD Remux will both look exactly the same.

You can add preferred words to the file name.

I can see how that would work for files as they are downloaded but wouldn’t help for files already there.

For instance; I went through all the rips of episodes I actually ripped from my BluRay discs and set them to BluRay Remux and Sonarr renamed them accordingly. That way Sonarr actually says it is a BluRay Remux and the filename does too.

After the event; the Preferred Words option in the filename doesn’t do anything if you do a rename unless I am missing something.

If the filename (or the original release name for things Sonarr imported from outside the series folder) has the preferred words.

A quick test shows it:

Format: {Series Title} - S{season:00}E{episode:00} - {Episode Title} {Quality Title} {Preferred Words}

That is very interesting and I had a quick play and got it to work.

I will try some experimenting tomorrow.

One question though; if you include “Preferred Words” in the naming format; does that mean that you will get each one added to the filename on import and then if you tick “Include Preferred when Renaming” in the Release Profile that any of the existing preferred words in a filename will be retained if you do a rename.

I also assume it is not possible to be selective of what Preferred Words are included in the imported filename and also retained in any rename.


Not within a single Release Profile, you’d need to use two if you want some to be included and others not.

Sorry Markus for still asking questions.

I see how you can create a second Release Profile.

If you have two; how does Sonarr know which one to use or does it use both?

In the naming format where you specify {Preferred Words} I presume that would apply to both profiles and you can’t only use one of them. In other words; if I create a second profile with just DVD Remux by itself when it imports and saves the file it will include any relevant Preferred Words from both profiles. If I do a rename though; depending on whether I have ticked the “include preferred when renaming” only on profile 2; the file would be renamed just to include anything in Profile 2 only.

It uses both for scoring, it will only include preferred words from profiles that have include preferred when renaming enabled for {Preferred Words}.

Thank you for your patience.

Some things to try out.

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I’ve been experimenting.

I created a new profile which just has “DVDRemux” in it. I gave it a score of 1 and ticked “Include Preferred when Renaming”. My original profile still has “Include Preferred When Renaming” unticked.

I changed the Standard Episode Format to:

{Series Title} - S{season:00}E{episode:00} - {Episode Title} - {Quality Title} {Quality Proper} - {Mediainfo AudioCodec} - {MediaInfo AudioChannels} {Preferred Words}

I then manually amended all the files for a season to include “DVDRemux” at then end.

Example: “Banacek - S01E01 - Let’s Hear It for a Living Legend - SD DVD - AC3 - 2.0 DVDRemux”

I did a refresh of the series and a rename; it showed that nothing needed renaming so that was good.

I then moved the files to another location and did another refresh so that Sonarr said that the episodes were missing.

I did a Manual Import - Interactive Import.

The files were imported however the name of the file now has the “DVDRemux” stripped out and I am back to square one.

Example: “Banacek - S01E01 - Let’s Hear It for a Living Legend - SD DVD - AC3 - 2.0”

Have I missed a trick somewhere?

There isn’t DVD remix in the original name, so nothing for Sonarr to know that it should include it.

Sorry but what original name are you referring to?

The filename of the file I was importing was “Banacek - S01E01 - Let’s Hear It for a Living Legend - SD DVD - AC3 - 2.0 DVDRemux”

Do you mean that because I deleted the file and refreshed the series that when Sonarr is importing the file as it doesn’t know about the name it is just ignoring the DVDRemux part?

Original name was a bad choice of words, I don’t know what the original name at the time of import (and it’s possible Sonarr doesn’t either), I was basing it on Banacek - S01E01 - Let’s Hear It for a Living Legend - SD DVD - AC3 - 2.0.

Episode history should show the original name (as long as it wasn’t deleted), but there is no way in the UI to see the original name attached to the episode file. You’d have to peek at the DB to be sure.

Looking at the database it says the original file was “Temp\Banacek - S01E01 - Let’s Hear It for a Living Legend - SD DVD - AC3 - 2.0 DVDRip.mkv”

I guess that means that if “DVDRemux” isn’t in the original filename then when doing the reimport as in my test then nothing will happen.

Right, Sonarr has no way or knowing. Same as if a release was Bluray 1080p it’d have no way to know it was actually Bluray Remux 1080p.