DVD Remux in Quality Profiles

OK thank you for your patience and help although it does seem that this approach will not work for any existing episodes I already have but it could potentially work for upgrading new episodes.

I hate to be going round in circles but the scenario we have been discussing also applies the same for “BluRay” and “BluRay Remux” as well as “DVD” and “DVD Remux”.

I therefore can’t understand why you have added one but not the other.

The fix is as easy as duplicating the script that detects DVD and adding the word Remux to the script lol but I guess they have their own reasons for not wanting to support it. @gmc99

What strikes me as odd though is apart from the two of us no other user has commented on this suggestion yet I would have thought loads of people would want the option.

IKR…I’m partly not surprised. A lot of the suggestions get no feedback so? :man_shrugging: I’m mostly disappointed that I have to use Preferred words for something that could easily be hardcoded to the app. Oh well.

As nearly 1,000 users have viewed this thread it would be a good idea if “the powers that be” asked that people click on the like button in the first post for any request people think would be useful. That way they could gauge if there is support for something. I know I can’t remember ever liking a suggestion.

I agree. Everybodys just lurking around :joy: