Downloaded - Waiting to Import (Episode file already imported)

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Debian Buster
Debug logs:
Description of issue: I did a “search for monitored” for one tv show (Arrow) yesterday after creating a release profile. Naturally, it picked up a lot of upgrades. I don’t have issues when the release is using nzb but am receiving this error for three torrents now after their download completes:

Take note that this did not happen for all the torrent releases, just this three.

Please don’t ping me for every question.

It looks like these releases were grabbed and imported at some point, then re-grabbed, which resulted in one check treating it as already imported, but another treats it as grabbed since it hasn’t imported since being grabbed again.

We’ll get it fixed up in a release.

You mean mention, not ping, right? I wasn’t. This was just a continuation on of the other thread so I figured mentioning you so that you’ll get alerted by this new thread.

I don’t get the cause but yes these were imported in the past as seen by the import date in the warning mesaage. And then they got updated because of the new release profile I made. First it tried usenet and it failed, so it regrabbed a torrent release. The torrent completed and came this warning message. Again, the same exact workflow happened to several releases but only theae three releases had the error message.

What is the workaround for now though? How do I get these imported manually?

Mention, ping, highlight, same thing really.

I’ll see the new thread when I go through the new threads, just as I saw your previous post that you were going to open a new thread, you need to be patient and wait for me to see it and respond.

Because Sonarr already imported that torrent previously, based on files names/release names it re-grabbed the same torrent.

Use Manual Import on the queue item.

Ok, thanks.

Ah, I see what you mean now. What kind of fix will you be implementing in the next release though? Is this really an issue or more of a notification?

If a grab happens after an import it will ignore the previous import.

What do you mean? An “update” to an episode can be considered “a grab that happens after an import”. I’m confused.

It’s not really an upgrade if it’s the exact same release.

The release was grabbed, then imported, then it was grabbed again and now Sonarr won’t import it because it already imported it, but that was from before it grabbed it again, it shouldn’t allow the previous import to override the need to import it.

Oh ok, got it. So in a sense, this is the way it’s supposed to work. What will you be “fixing” in the next release as you mentioned in your previous post?

The fact that Sonarr won’t import it because it was imported some time before.

Yes, I get that part. But in your first reply to this thread, you said “we’ll get if fixed up in a release”. Which problem are you referring to?

An import being blocked by a past import; which is the issue the thread is about, is it not?

Exactly. But from what you’re explaining in your replies, it looks as if you’re considering this behavior as an intentional one. So I’m not entirely sure where you’re stand at, sorry. Is it an issue or is it intentional behavior?

It’s an issue.

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