Couldn't process tracked download XYZ: Access to the path is denied (macOS Big Sur)

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: macOS 11.2.1
Debug logs:

Description of issue:

Hi there, having difficulties post-processing download since macOS Big Sur Upgrade. Logs tell me Sonarr doesn’t have permissions to access Downloads folder: “Couldn’t process tracked download XYZ: Access to the path is denied.”

Have tried

  • uninstall / reinstall
  • unchecking / checking Sonarr in Preferences->Security & Privacy-> Full disk acesss / Files and folders
  • sudo xattr -rd /Applications/
  • sudo chmod +x /Applications/

With Sonarr v2 you need to give full disk access to terminal, since that’s ultimately how it runs, same as previous versions of macOS: Problem after upgrading to the new Apple MacOS Beta - Catalina

In v3 of Sonarr, Sonarr itself will need full disk access, it may be easiest to upgrade to the v3 beta instead of fighting with v2.

Thanks for the answer. Indeed I’ll try the V3 approach.

So far haven’t been able to get the UI to load though. I’m getting this page:

update: removed ~/.config/SOnarr, and restarted, and voilà.

v3 runs. Now to see if it fixes my permission issue