Confused about volume mapping Synology NAS, Sonarr App, and Qbittorrent in a docker

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version:
OS: Synology DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 6
Debug logs:
Description of issue:

I am running a Synology DS918+. I have Sonarr running from the SynoCommunity community.
It is running well. I have QbitTorrent running inside a docker. It is running well also (within the docker).
My issue is like some others have had in the past… When Sonarr sends the torrent and request to Qbittorrent, qbittorrent downloads the file successfully,

BUT, Sonarr doesn’t rename or process the file.
I get this error:

I have the docker volumes set up like this:

Inside qbittorrent, the download folders show up correctly like this:

The file does download and is sitting in my temp_download folder:

I have tried adding remote path mappings inside sonarr under the download client advanced settings like this:
(I’ve even left this blank…)

I’m at a loss. I’m sure I’m missing something simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have searched the forums for answers, however, most of they say “you need to map the volumes” or “you don’t need to map anything if they exist on the same volume”… so I’m still confused.

Thanks in advance! (I’m included a bunch of pictures so I hope they come through and make sense).


In your last screenshot (remote path mappings), change \\\temp_downloads\ to /temp_downloads/.

Think of remote path mappings as a translation.

  • Your download client reports "there’s a file available in /temp_downloads/Stephen.Colbert...
  • Sonarr tries and fails to find /temp_downloads/ in its own file system
  • Remote path mapping can be used to tell sonarr that when your download client reports /temp_downloads/, sonarr should look in /volume1/temp_downloads/ instead.

Also ensure the Host field of the remote path mapping is exactly the same as the host field of the download client you configured in sonarr (Settings > Download Clients > open the download client details).

Thanks, I’ll try that and report back.


You sir are a genius! I used localhost in the download details for qbittorrent so I changed from to localhost and then changing the remote path to /temp_downloads/ was exactly what it needed.

I appreciate the clear and precise help.


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I’m having this exact same issue and try as I might I just cant seem to get it right. I have a Synology 920+ and am running sonarr and qbittorent in seperate docker containers.

As above, sonarr and qbittorrent are working well. Files are downloaded but the file processing doesnt happen. I am hoping to get some help with setting the remote mapping because despite reading multiple guides on this I cannot seem to get it right. Any help at all would be much appreciated.

My folder structure is setup as below. When files are downloaded, qbittorrent creates a folder and places the files inside.

My docker volumes are setup like this:

My remote mappings are below. Local host is set to the IP of the NAS. Using localhost in both host fields returns an unsucessful test so I use the IP and port of the qbittorrent container. Local path is set via the browse directory button that is available when editing the path mappings:

I know I am doing something wrong but I just cant seem to get it right. Appreciate anyones help on what seems to be a common issue for a lot of people out there.

If Sonarr and Deluge has the same volumes mapped (to the same paths on the host) then you can skip the mapping. You’ll never map the remote path to the local path if they are the same thing.

What do the debug logs show?
What volumes do you have mounted in deluge?

Mate, thank you so much for your reply but through dumb luck I got it working. I believe I had the IP wrong on the host settings.

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