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So I have a few youtube series that I enjoy. Particularly anything from Roosterteeth, Pokemon generations, as well as several abridged series. Unfortunately, its difficult to keep track of everything. Much of it can be found in the “Add Series” tab but the only reliable source is youtube. If possible, could we get an extra option(alongside “Standard”, “Daily”, and “Anime”) called “Youtube” where you can add a youtube channel to download/keep track of? Possibly through youtube-dl?


This has come up before, we do not have plans to support other protocols at this time.


Would you accept a merge request if someone builds this feature properly?


While we appreciate that someone else could implement it, it’s not something we wish to support and maintain in Sonarr at this time. We already have a significant amount of work that is of higher priority and don’t want to spread out and take on other protocols.

Should our position change we’ll open a GHI for it, but we don’t foresee that happening at this time.

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