XEM service and Scene mapping problem

**Sonarr version

Event log says they can’t connect to remote server

Correct. XEM is down due to their server maxing out bandwidth.

Is the scene mapping linked to that and it would be why it also says it can’t connect to the remote server?

Correct that’s the case

Thanks :+1:

So how long will this last and will it effect anything?

So how long will this last

No idea. Based on discord, it’s down down due to hitting the monthly bandwidth limit. But rather they’ll switch domains and servers. This has already been pushed to Sonarr develop.

thexem.de -> thexem.info

will it effect anything?

yes no updated info for mapping or aliases from XEM

It’s working again now but maybe that’s because of today’s firmware update which says this


Updated TheXEM server url on xem admin request

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