WTH DOES THIS MEAN: "SQL logic error no such column: t0.LanguageProfileId"

Sonarr version
OS: Windows NT10
Debug logs:
Description of issue: I tried to change my password authentication to none to login since I forgot it and now I can’t even reach the login screen before receiving this error message?

Here is the log file…I think I must have broke the config file when saving it some how? IDK I’m a complete noob at programming languages, lol. Hopefully someone can help me!

It means your database no longer has that column available, which likely means at some point you were running Sonarr v4 beta and downgraded to Sonarr v3.

You’ll either need to restore a v3 compatible DB, start fresh or continue running the v4 beta (not recommended).

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So it sounds like I need to install v3…??

No, reinstalling won’t remove the database, you’d need to remove the database file (sonarr.db) to start fresh.

That fixed everything! Thanks!!

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