Windows and Docker Set up

Sonarr version (Version
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows 11 pro
Debug logs:
Description of issue:

I’m trying to put together an arr collection of apps, running on windows
using docker containers.

I have the instances up and running but have hit some problems.

I’ll pick on one, sonarr for the example

The media directory

docker-compose.yml looks like this

sonarr: #TV show search agent
container_name: sonarr
- TZ=$TZ
- UMASK=022
- ./sonarr:/config
- $MEDIADIR/data/media/tv:/tv
- $MEDIADIR/data/downloads:/downloads
- 8989:8989
restart: unless-stopped

and I have a .env file with

PUID=1000 #change to your user’s PUID
PGID=100 #change to your user’s PGID
TZ=Europe/London #change to your timezone location

From what I can see when looking at the files, that ends up as mapping f:\data\media\tv to tv
I look at the files, and I can see that directory there.

So I add that in Sonarr and I get this

Unable to add root folder
Folder ‘/tv/’ is not writable by user ‘abc’

Browsing the /tv directory in Docker Desktop, its empty.

That leads me to believe its a permissions issue.

In the log I have

2024-03-25 15:55:14 [Warn] SonarrErrorPipeline: Invalid request Validation failed:
2024-03-25 15:55:14 – Path: Folder ‘/tv/’ is not writable by user ‘abc’

Question one

So what do I need to change in the evironment, or on the permissions side on windows, or both?

Next, if I go into Prowlarr, and add the Sonarr instance.

Prowlarr Server is http://localhost:9696
Sonarr Server is http://localhost:8989
and the API Key is the latest

I get this error message

Unable to complete application test, cannot connect to Sonarr. Connection refused (localhost:8989)

In docker-compose.yml I have this

name: arr
external: true

I’m pretty sure that they servers need to be on the same network. I must be missing something.
Can anyone help?


Regardless of permission issues, separate tv and download mounts are a bad practice, which is a documentation gift that keeps on giving and should die in a fire already. Not aimed at you, it’s just really shitty advice to give users for various reasons which are explained in the guides below.

Consider changing to a single mount for both sorted files (tv, movies, …) and downloads.

Trash guide (ignore the dockstarter bit imho): Docker - TRaSH Guides
Servarr wiki: Docker Guide | Servarr Wiki

Out of interest, why do you want to use Docker on Windows?

linuxserver images remap the abc user to the PUID you set so it aligns back to the host account.

either the PUID you set is wrong or that account doesnt actually have access to that path.

for windows i think a vm is installed? you need to get the account ids from there (no idea how they map back to actual windows accounts though - if they dont then you probably need to set permissions there as well).

check the docker instructions/help to work that out, it should be a pretty common question