Windows 11 Keeps Uninstalling Sonarr

I’ve been using Sonnar for a long time. Recently, I’ve noted that Windows 11 has issues

I find that Windows has uninstalled Sonarr spontaneously. This has been occurring frequently in the last 3 months roughly.

Additionally, Windows Defender is now flagging the install package as unsafe.

Sonarr version
Windows 11

Happy to provide logs but I can’t make sense of the upload directions.

Are you sure it’s being uninstalled? Or is Defender quarantining/deleting the whole program? Check the quarantine and protection history.

What was confusing about the upload instructions for the logs?

Do not use security software from the same company as your OS cause you are asking for problems then. That said before trying to get to the bottom of what’s actually happening please make sure TPM and CSM are off in your bios.

As for what’s actually causing the issue I’m with @ilike2burnthing that more likely the entire program is being quarantined.

What do UEFI/BIOS settings have to do with this?

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Think I figured it out. My antivirus (Avast) kept quarantining.Sonarr.

Was able to reverse and whitelist it so hopefully it won’t happen again.

Both those setting are designed to block some software from being install and or remove it once it’s installed, but you know that before you posted.

Neither of those “remove software once it’s installed”, but you knew that before you posted.

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That is what Microsoft had them designed for, but you knew that. It was worth mentioning since the OP already has something on their system removing software.

Not really, but if you choose to believe so that’s okay. But you knew that too.

(Do we have to keep saying the other person knew about things? Feels a bit silly…)

While the TPM can be used by Microsoft Defender, the TPM plays no part in the removal of malware - Trusted Platform Module - Wikipedia

CSM has nothing to do with security or the removal of malware, it just supports MBR booting on UEFI firmware - UEFI - Wikipedia

While Microsoft was part of the consortiums behind the development of both, they did not ‘have them designed’, and certainly not to remove malware.

If you’re going to insist you know something, maybe check it’s true first.

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