Will renaming my existing folders break hardlinks?

I’ve been using hardlinks thanks to the trashh guide. It’s working great in unraid/docker.

I currently have /data/torrents/tv and /data/media/tv. Have a bunch of series in there. But I want to rename both /tv to /tv-domestic. i can rename the folders easily via smb then upgrade my docker/setting pathing. but i am wondering if this will break existing hardlinks in /tv.

any advice on the best way to do this? thanks.

Totally fine, you can rename the files, you can rename the folders, you can move them around. They’ll stay hard links. The only exception is that of course if you move them off the file system, they will of course then be copies instead of hard links because hard links only work on the same file system.

Make sense?

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yes! thanks for the response and clarification

I probably should have said “of course” a few more times too. :expressionless: