Why should I switch?

Ok, I just wanted to ask you guys why I should consider switching from SickChill to Sonarr. Is there a good reason to do so? What are the goodies?

I hope this hasn’t been asked before. At least I couldn’t see it anywhere.

Unfortunately I’m not familiar enough with SickChill’s current featureset to give an honest comparison. I’m a believer in fair competition. So people are welcome to post their personal experiences and opinions.

I think the real question is: What problem are you trying to solve? Or what’s a chore that SickChill doesn’t automate to your satisfaction?
What don’t you like about SickChill atm? If anything, then maybe something in Sonarr can make your life easier. If nothing, then you have your answer.
If nothing comes to mind, then maybe you’d like the Sonarr v3 UI better.

The bottom line is that the only reason to ‘switch’ is because there’s added value, which of course is entirely subjective.

But, if you have time, maybe just install Sonarr side by side Have Sonarr manage a single show (disable that show in SickChill) and see how it works.