Why Bother With thetvdb.com

This is getting so bizarr. It started off with Barnwood Builders. After a couple of exchanges with one of the admins about fixing issues with the series I threw up my hand in disgust. I was informed that they follow the airing order not production order. In response to the fact that the ENTIRE series is mashup of
airing order and production order they would not be changing anything since it would “disrupt” the community. I actually don’t care what order they follow, just pick one and follow it! NOT A MIX OF BOTH!

I understand that there is not a site that fixes what thetvdb has f##cked up. This is getting bizarre! I have also dicovered that this is much bigger issue that one series. I have no idea how large it is, but my initial impression is as large as 5% of what the index is WRONG!

The fix is to create a translation list on a 3rd party site to filter and fix??? It appears that the scene release groups are more correct than thetvdb so why not follow them?

Right now I have removed several series from sonarr and will create a correct spreadsheet and to track what I have and whats missing. While I love sonarr it appears that going back to manual tracking.

I would also suggest that we create our own tv series database that follows the scene release groups and leave thetvdb behind. I think there may be enough following to have the user support to keep it up to date.

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