Why are so many scene releases increasing in size?

Over the last year or so I’m getting more and more episodes that won’t download because Sonarr can’t find a filesize that is small enough based on my configuration.

I regularly see 1080p H264 episodes (45-60mins) that are 3-4GB!

By contrast, I can download great quality scene releases for 2 hour MOVIES that are ~2GB (for the same 1080p H264).

What’s going on? Have the TV scene upped their bitrates or something? If the movie scene can compete on quality for the same resolution and codec, why can’t the TV scene? I swear TV episodes never used to be this big (for the same res and codec). I know hard drive space is cheap but it feels like the files are big for no valuable reason.

Does anyone have any insights?

Those are not at all great quality and are compressed as hell.

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I’m not talking about YIFY releases but RARGB put out some great quality 1080p H264 releases around 2-3GB.

Regardless, the average file size for a 1080p H264 TV episode has noticeably increased over time and I’m wondering if anyone has any insights.

That is one of the reasons I abandoned 1080 releases years ago unless there is no 720 available and then I re-encode them to 720’s if/when a pack is too over-sized for it’s runtime.

Quality is subjective to everyone based on different factors like distance viewing, screen size, video-processor, media-source quality, age of person, etc; otherwise it is mostly mental.

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