Who names the downloads?

I love Sonarr and use it mostly with NZBget on a qnap NAS.

I use english subtitles on all shows if available.

Most subtitles fans know that many are out of sync due to the srt file not be the exact match to the media file.

Many but not all MKV have subtitles that mostly are in sync.
I personally remux all mkv to mp4 and extract the subtitles as SRT if it is in the container !
So all is good when i get the right mkv file.
I have tried tags picking amzn, NF etc but that only works for their shows.

Whoever it is that created that file I am asking to add something like SUBS or SRT in the Naming
Do the uploaders get some hidden buzz/award by their file being chosen the most?
If they added SRT or SUBS I am sure their numbers would increase!

For me I can then tag SUBS or SRT in Sonaar and have the best possible chance of getting synced subtitles!

I have asked this question / made this suggestions in Sonarr, Plex, Qnap and Synology forums.

Not ONE reply in any of them!!

Is this subject Taboo?

Or people don’t understand what you’re asking. At least I don’t. It sounds like you’re asking who’s naming the .mkv files, which logically would be the ones releasing them, no? Or what do you mean?

Sonarr and the other apps you mentioned have nothing to do with the naming convention the release group decides to use.

the person that uploads the file gets to name it.

thats one of twp types of people, the original uploader and anyone else that re-uploads it.

dont expect to have any control over that

I am suggesting to the “two types of people” of which you speak how to improve their service !

Why do they put their code/name if they do not want recognition/notoriety ?

I am suggesting a way for them to get more of that by adding SRT (or similar) telling down loaders that the file has sub titles.

Really not that complicated !!

this is a sonarr forum, what makes you think those people are on these forums?

im not worried about the suggestion, its fine, im trying to work out why you think asking here is going to help?

have you asked in the forums for the tracker you use? or looked up to see if that release group has a forum and asked there?

ie asking the source of the file is probably a better idea than asking the consumers of the file (this forum)

well it might be if you keep asking the wrong people

I thought some knowledgeable person here or Qnap or Plex or Synology might know the answer.
Looks like I wrongly assumed those people use sonarr

So I have it wrong. Sorry for wasting your precious time. (where’s the WTF? emoji)

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