Where to download — Feb 2 2020

I am trying to d/l this version for my qnap NAS and it will not download “automatically”

Were can i manually d/l then install ?

Links to the downloads are on sonarr.tv

Please contact us if you wish to maintain a v3 package so that we can include the appropriate install instructions. !!!

How are you trying to download “automatically”? If you’re not already running v3 then you’d need to track down a QNAP package, if you’re trying to upgrade from a previous v3 version you’d need to grab the linux tar.gz.

There !!

I click install and it downloads continuosly.

So i am asking where to get the file!!

from the link provided previously!!!

here is a slightly more direct link, but you may require a different linux os version (i dont know what qnaps run)

where did you get your current package from in the first place? just that the looping thing is typically linked to incorrectly setup docker containers as they tend to not upgrade unless you actually upgrade the image they come from

I said where in the first post, but it’s not a package for QNAP, we don’t maintain one.

If you provide the information requested for a help and support thread, including debug logs and current version we can probably help more.

If qnap is not maintained how i have been updating the last several months?

For the last many months when i get a update/ status showing “new update is available”
I goto updates and click “install Latest”

I click that and in the past has updated. Was I dreamin ?

Now it get’s stuck while updating/downloading !

I suggest you either seek help wherever you got the qnap package (sonarr is open source, anyone can compile or package it), or give the people here something to work with like debug logs. So far it’s not even clear if it’s a native qnap package or a docker container or…

We’re all on board with the whole “I can’t update” part of your issue, but repeating that and adding exclamation marks isn’t going to help.

I apologize for asking the same question 3 times.
But i still don’t have an answer.

This IS the forums.sonarr.tv.
I am asking WHERE do I get

Good that you are all onboard but still no one can answer.

This is forums.sonarr.tv . I guess i am stupid thinking this is the place to find where an update may be.

I have sent debugs , trace and info logs previously with no success. I have clean re-installed 4 times.
And it is still acting strange and runs refresh series non stop since the last install 5 days ago.

I am hoping the latest update 3.03.690 would fix my issues but apparently does not exist for qnap.
Or no-one here knows if it exists and where to find it.

That’s all i want !
If I am dreamin and it does not exist TELL ME - and yes I am shouting.

There’s no point in asking the same information over and over again and just getting rambling responses back. I’ll try anyway.

Someone (not us) has made a package for it.

Not in this thread about this issue… If the update is failing we need to see debug logs and updater logs, you can get both from the UI under logs.

Like I said, we do not maintain a QNAP package, I have no idea whether someone has been keeping one up to date. The closest we have is the linux package, but I doubt that would work out of the box.

You can shout all you want, but the the result will be this thread not getting any responses, we’ve asked multiple times for basic information, but you seem to be shouting to much to read those responses as you’ve failed to answer our questions and just restated the same thing.

TLDR, if you want help, answer our questions.

where you got it from in the first place? hint - it wasnt from here.

you could have also used google - qnap sonarr package

this is the v2 package - youll note its from the qnap forums - https://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=320&t=109449

this is the v3 package - also in the qnap forums - https://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=320&t=144234

if you want the latest version of v3 then i would suggest you ask in that forum for them to update their package, or use docker (container station i think they call it in qnap world) and the linuxserver/sonarr:preview image

if youre lucky you may find someone else has packaged the latest v3 sonarr for qnap (check their forums) and you can download that instead, otherwise as above, you will need to ask the package owner to update it

I do appreciate the speed of you guys answers , I just are not getting what i want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!!

2 logs for your viewing



I have checked permissons and they seem correct

Info logs, after asking for debug logs four times, with instructions.

Also, no attempt to update sonarr in the logs above as far as I can tell. I’d say it’s common sense to provide logs from a time period in which you also reproduce the issue, but common sense has abandoned this thread long ago.

i wonder why. you probably never will either because the qnap package is not made here so all we can do is point you to the qnap forums, where you can ask the people there that did create the qnap package…

theres links up in my other post


I made a mistake and posted info logs twice :roll_eyes:

DEBUG logs.

As I am on a qnap box (as I said in my first post!) I don’t see how this will help.
I get the update message but it is not for a qnap .
I have the latest qnap version which is 8 months old .

After stuffing around for weeks look what happened 5 minute ago .

I turned on signing in with login and password for a day or 2 then just went back to “none”

And bang, up pops “I need to reload as new version is installed”,

now to see if things work better!!

Note Refresh Series "last Execution " was 7 days ago - This fresh install was 7 days ago.

Refresh series still running 24/7 and using 48% of CPU consistently/

It’d be best to open a new thread with all the requested information as well as trace logs of a fresh refresh (restart Sonarr first).

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