What is normal memory usage for Sonarr? Normal for it to keep slowly growing?


Antergos 4.17.11-arch1
Cinnamon 3.8.8

I recently moved from Mint 18 to Antergos. When I restored my backup and refreshed all the TV shows, Sonarr went to work updating some of the metadata as a few series had just blank poster art. After it was done, I noticed Sonarr was eating a steady 16-17% of the CPU, non stop. I also noticed that it was consuming about 600+ megs of RAM. The database maintenance was done so I decided to just go into the web console and restart Sonarr from there. After doing that, I noticed I had now two instances of Mono running and both eating about 20% of the CPU and a couple hundred megs of RAM each. From the console, I did another ‘restart’ and now CPU usage was at 60-80% and I had 3 instances of Mono.

Then I decided to go into System Monitor and just kill all the Mono/Sonarr processes. After that, CPU usage went back to hardly nothing and no more Mono processes.

I restarted my server later that night and Sonarr CPU usage was 0% and memory usage was around 40-60 megs and right now, 12 hours later, it’s up to over 260 megs. There a memory leak with this version of Mono?

I have about 300+ TV shows, few thousand episodes being monitored, if that info helps.

These logs weren’t in debug mode so maybe they’re useless?


Is creeping memory usage just something I need to live with?

If you want, I can turn on debug logging and just let it sit for a few hours. Will that show why the memory usage slowly grows?


Sounds like the original instance never actually exited, which could cause the subsequent instances to spin trying to access the port. Trace logs might be useful to see what was going on there.

There is some speculation that media info causes an increase in memory usage over time (mostly discussed in a Radarr GHI), I’m not sure how deep the investigation has gone on that on the Radarr side, but we haven’t dug into that on the Sonarr side.

Logging won’t provide much information on the possible cause (at any level).


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