Wat betekend dit en wat kan ik er aan doen

Sonarr version (
**Mono version
OS: Synology NAS
Debug logs:
Description of issue: / (/dev/root) nog maar 395 free space
Kan ik dat ergens aanpassen?

Is Sonarr installed locally or in a Docker container?

Sonarr is installed Locally.

Presumably it’s a permissions issue. What is Sonarr running as?

I don’t no what you mean with “What is Sonarr running as”

Sorry, what user and group are Sonarr running as?

Sonarr users en Groep

Is this what you mean?

Contact the SynoCommunity for support on the third party app they support, fail to maintain, and fail to keep updated

But / having such limited storage would be correct. Guessing you don’t have any root folders add then since the storage listing shows the mounts of root folders as well

A month ago Sonarr is updated, so what do you mean?
I still have no answer, is there nobody who has this problem or issue?