Wanted / .not. monitored .and. missing

Package Version 3.0.2
Mono Version

Sonarr /Wanted / Filter / [ monitored / unmonitored ]

Can you add a .AND. So we can pick [monitored .and. missing ] .or. [.not. monitored .and. missing].

I usualy mark all media that are not contirnuing to unmonitored. Then like to Manually check them for missing episodes every 6 months or so. The way the filter is now I end up searching for lots of media I already have.

So… just missing? Or All?

my opinion is that one should have the full expressive power of sql here (and in queue) to filter. let me filter by show / season air date… (or for cutoff unmet current quality)

the way it is now it lists monitored + all and not monitored + all when we are looking for shows we are needing it would be better if it listed monitored + missing and not monitored + missing.

you might think sql is needed but I think if he can make this small change it will work much nicer for everyone I have a big list and have sort of tested this manually before asking and I dont think much else is needed.

I’m not saying that they should skip what you want, but that there should be a power user mode to filter lists in sonarr that are essentially sql query dumps and if one discovers that there is a good reason to have certain query types be more well defined (i.e. lots of people ask "how do I do X? and they are told “do query Y”, then it becomes apparent that query y should be baked in.

Static Path — I think this is what made me look at this, I just had to rebuild my server and since i was going to upgrade versions of plex sonarr sab all at same time I did not use old databases. So I totaly started from scratch. When i did the import it asked for static path yes or now and i said YES. Im not sure why but this seems to be causing all my movies to be showing as missing even though they are there. i just used the editor and changed every movie to static path NO. This should solve the problem. Im not sure what the reason for this field Static path was but it seems to cause problems.

I just ran a update after changing static path and now only show about 30 movies on wanted. before it was hundreds. Markus101 im not sure what this static path does but when it is set to yes it is causing shows that exist to show up on the wanted list.
I got things working again now. I think changing the filter is not necessary as long as the static path is set to no.